President & CEO Yukio YAGUCHI
Executive Vice President Taketoshi HOSOYA
  • General Manager, Sales and Merchandising Group
  • Supervisory Manager, Merchandising Group
Managing Director Ikuo HIRAYAMA
  • Responsible for Corporate Planning Office, Public Affairs & IR Office,Project Promotion Office,New Business Development and Business Alliances
Managing Director Goro YOSHIHARA
  • General Manager, Administration Group
Director Hirofumi SHIKANO
  • General Manager, Store Development Group
Director Takashi INABA
Director Masaru HONDA
Director Hiromitsu KUGISAKI External Director
Director Chisa ENOMOTO External Director
Director Yukihiro MOROE External Director
Standing Statutory Auditor Yoshinobu TSURUOKA
Standing Statutory Auditor Shugo OKADA External Auditor
Statutory Auditor Masaaki AKIYAMA External Auditor
Statutory Auditor Yasuhiro KOBAYASHI External Auditor
Statutory Auditor Shino HIROSE External Auditor
Executive Officer Katsuya ARAI
  • Deputy General Manager, Sales and Merchandising Group
  • Manager, Administration Area Ⅲ
    Sales and Merchandising Group
Executive Officer Haruo OHNO Manager, Administration Area Ⅰ
Sales and Merchandising Group
Executive Officer Naoki YAMAMOTO Manager, Merchandising Department Ⅰ
Merchandising Group
Executive Officer Yuichi OHATA Manager, Merchandising Department Ⅱ
Merchandising Group
Executive Officer Keizo SAKAEDANI Corporate Planning Officer

As of Feb 1, 2019