Financial Statements

Net Sales Trends Profit Trends Historical EBITDA Financial Condition Cash Flows Per Share Indicators
  • Note 1) Consolidated financial results from FYE 06/20/2014 to FYE 06/20/2019, changed to non-consolidated financial results from FYE 06/20/2020.
  • Note 2) Irregular financial results for FYE 06/20/2020 due to the reorganization within the Group in 4Q and the transfer of the gasoline and kerosene business.
  • Note 3) Amounts are rounded off to the nearest 100 million yen, while percentages are rounded off to the nearest first decimal place.
  • Note 4) The Company has adopted the Accounting Standard for Revenue Recognition (ASBJ Statement No. 29) and other standards since the beginning of the FYE 06/20/2022.