Company Overview

Head Office 1-16-2 Fujisaki, Tsuchiura, Ibaraki Prefecture, 300-0813
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Tel 029-822-2215 (switchboard)
Date of incorporation December 15, 1975
Capitalization ¥12 billion
Fiscal year-end June 20
Main business activity Retail business of home centers, garden centers, pet centers, and art and craft supplies, and reform business (building extension and renovation and landscaping work services)
Representative Taketoshi Hosoya, President & CEO
Number of employees
4,803 (includes 2,256 hourly-wage employees(1)) (As of December 20, 2019)
Note (1) Average number of hourly-wage employees employed in last twelve months (equivalent to 200 hours/month)
Number of stores(consolidated)

Home centers (operating garden centers, pet centers, and other business lines together) 15 Stores

  • Ibaraki: 4 stores
  • Chiba: 6 stores
  • Saitama: 1 store
  • Tochigi: 1 store
  • Gunma: 2 stores
  • Tokyo: 1 store

Independent 6 Stores

Ibaraki: 2 stores
Joyful Honda Reform Tsukuba Showroom
THE GLOBE Tsukuba Store
Chiba: 2 stores
Hondaya(Pro Shop)
Orangetheory Fitness Motoyawata(Fitness Studio, a franchisee of Orangetheory Japan Co.,Ltd.)*operated by Joyful Athletic Club Co., Ltd., a non-consolidated subsidiary
Saitama: 1 store
Pet's CLOVER(Independent Pet Store)
Tokyo: 1 store
Annual sales
¥148,226 million (year ended June 2019)
Non-consolidated subsidiaries
(Main business)
Joyful Athletic Club Co., Ltd.
(Sports club business)
Joyful Shaken and Tire Center Co., Ltd.
(Shaken mandatory vehicle inspections and servicing, sale and fitting of tires, etc.)